Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Board of Directors Meeting Summary

The NAPE Board of Directors held its quarterly meeting in Lincoln on November 14. The Board heard a number of committee reports and took action on a variety of items. A summary of the meeting is below:


  • The Membership Committee reported that our two year membership growth is approaching 50% growth. We have gone from 1 in 11 state employees being a NAPE member to 1 in 6 state employees being NAPE members. Our goal is to reach 1 in 5 membership by March. 
  • The Membership Rights Committee reported that grievance actions to enforce our contract have continued to be filed at a higher than average pace throughout the pandemic. 10 cases have been heard by arbitrators and hearing officers, and NAPE has prevailed in 70% of those cases.
  • NAPE Treasurer Jay Jensen (NDOT, Omaha) reported that NAPE had a small budget surplus at the end of the 2020 fiscal year, and is trending with a small surplus in fiscal year 2021. The last two years are the first two years that NAPE has had a balanced budget in the last seven years. NAPE’s financial condition is stable, and priorities for fiscal year 2022 will be developed this winter and shared with the Board at its February meeting.
  • The Board was presented with our 2021 calendar year organizing plan by NAPE staff. The pandemic continues to hamper in person organizing activities, but we continue to reach out to state employees virtually. Our total net growth has not slowed during the pandemic, and we look forward to being able to meet with employees in person soon.
  • The Board reviewed our strategic plan and discussed priorities for the coming years and directed staff to begin preparing budget and staffing scenarios to help implement the plan. Key priorities are member services, new office space to accommodate member trainings and meeting, and focusing on a plan for introducing bills in the legislature.

Action Items

  • Calendar year 2021 dues will remain the same rate. In accordance with the bylaws, the maximum dues level will increase from $46.00/month to $46.70/month due to an increase in AFSCME minimum dues.
  • The schedule for 2021 Board of Directors Elections was set. Nominations will open in February and elections will be conducted by mail in March & April. 20 seats on the Board will be up for election. Any NAPE member in good standing for one year can run for a seat on the board.
  • The 2021 Delegate Assembly was scheduled for August 13-15, 2021 in Lincoln. 65 delegates will be elected. The Board set the election schedule with nominations beginning in April with elections in May and June. Any NAPE member in good standing for one year can run to be a delegate. Delegates will elect the five officers of the union at the Delegate Assembly.
  • The Board voted to end NAPE’s relationship with American Income Life Insurance after numerous complaints from members regarding AIL’s salespeople. If you have a policy with AIL, this action does not affect you, as you can continue to maintain your policy. This action will end the complimentary $4,000 of life insurance for members. The Board directed NAPE staff to explore alternative options for covering our members.
Nebraska Association of
Public Employees