Omaha Social Services Worker wins Privacy Grievance

In July 2021, NAPE Member and Social Services Worker Terry Texidor-Battle was summoned to a performance counselling meeting with her supervisor. The meeting was held in her supervisor’s cubicle, which is nearby the cubicles of several other coworkers. After the meeting, Terry learned that a coworker had overheard part of the conversation between her and her supervisor.

Under our contract, state employees have the right to privacy while being counselled on performance matters. Once Terry found out that a coworker had overheard the conversation, she reached out to NAPE for help right away. A grievance was soon filed with the help of NAPE staff, maintaining that Terry’s right to privacy had been violated. 

The grievance was resolved at Step 1, and the Department of Health and Human Services recognized that Terry’s right to privacy had been violated. Performance counselling meetings are to be held in private conference rooms going forward, to ensure that all employees are afforded their contractual right to privacy.

If your right to privacy is ever violated at work, contact a NAPE Steward or the NAPE office as soon as possible. NAPE Members have access to representation from our staff through the grievance process, but strict timelines apply. Make sure to contact us right away if an issue arises.