Nebraska Association
of Public Employees


In just a few weeks, NAPE/AFSCME will begin negotiating a new labor contract with the governor’s office on a new two year agreement. As we gear up to bargaining the best contract ever, we need you as an active member to reach our goals. We are fighting for higher salaries and better benefits. Now is the time to become a NAPE member so we have more power to negotiate a better contract!

We’re fighting for pay raises that outpace inflation, paid parental leave, early retirement insurance benefits, greater payout of sick leave, guaranteed remote work assignments, bilingual premium pay and much more. We need you as a NAPE member to make it happen.

Our members are what makes our union strong. A union is a group of workers that promotes and protects the welfare and rights of its members, primarily through contract negotiations. We can only accomplish our goals if you join us and stand united together for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.  Without members, we have no power to negotiate successfully. Some of our members shared the reasons they joined NAPE, and why you should, too!

“I have been a state employee for two years and a NAPE member for about a year and a half. I joined NAPE because I have always been a strong supporter of workers rights, and I believe that, together, we have the power to make positive changes for state employees.”

– Avery Hulse, Social Services Worker – DHHS

Joining NAPE gives you a voice in your workplace, a say in your contract and working conditions, free legal and representational services, and a host of membership benefits. Now is the time to become a NAPE member and stand with your coworkers!

“I decided to join NAPE because, when I got into the workforce, I realized that collective bargaining is the best power that employees have in the work place. Becoming an active member opened my eyes to the specifics of how the union has protected its members. Seeing this firsthand motived me to become a steward and help make a difference in my department by being an advocate for my fellow employees.”

– Sam Hansen, Engineer – Dept. of Environment and Energy

Our strength lies in our numbers, and we hope you will become and member and start advocating for higher salaries and better benefits. Visit to learn more about our union and our recent successes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees