Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

2023 Delegate Assembly Convention Delegates Elected

Every two years, NAPE/AFSCME members elect delegates to serve at the biennial NAPE/AFSCME Delegate Assembly in Lincoln. Delegates are responsible for adopting our strategic plan, resolutions, and legislative platform. Additionally, delegates amend the union’s bylaws, set the dues, and elect the officers of the union for the following two year term.

In April, NAPE/AFSCME members submitted nominations for union members to serve as delegates. The 25 members of the Board of Directors are automatic delegates, and the membership elects an additional 40 members to serve. Where the number of nominees is equal or less than the number of seats, the nominee is declared elected. Otherwise, an election is held by mail in accordance with the union bylaws. Elections were held in May, where necessary, and the following union members will serve as delegates to the Delegate Assembly August 25-27 in Lincoln.

Officers (5)

Melissa Haynes (DHHS, Fremont) – President

Brian Koch (Labor, Beatrice) – Vice President

Ashlie Thompson (DHHS, Lincoln) – Secretary*

Jay Jensen (NDOT, Omaha) – Treasurer

Brandon Brown (Revenue, Lincoln) – Sergeant-at-Arms*

Northern Area Delegates (3)

Brian Bierschenk (DHHS, Norfolk)

Carlos Ndirangu (Veterans’ Affairs, Norfolk)

Jamie Novacek (DHHS, Center)

Southern Area Delegates (3)

Megan Baker (DHHS, Kearney)

Lindsey Eads (Veterans’ Affairs, Kearney)

Brandon Pierce (Veterans’ Affairs, Kearney)

Eastern Area Delegates (3)

Ashley Augustin (DHHS, Nebraska City)

Gail Mann (DHHS, Beatrice)

Ralph Quick (Electrical Board, Nebraska City)

Western Area Delegates (3)

Chasity Jenny (DHHS, North Platte)

Cody McSparren (DHHS, North Platte)

Kris Rossman (DHHS, Scottsbluff)

Omaha Area Delegates (3)

Briane Bushlow (DHHS, Fremont)

Paul Farrand (DHHS, Omaha)

Kerrin Packard (DHHS, Bellevue)

Lincoln Area Delegates (6)

Rene Botts (DHHS, Lincoln)

Jessica Davis (DHHS, Lincoln)

Alyssa Macke (DHHS, Lincoln)

Amy Peters (DHHS, Lincoln)

Deb Strudl (DHHS, Lincoln)

Brian Wolesensky (DHHS, Lincoln)

DHHS Delegates (6)

Eric Bachenberg (Lincoln)

Toni Bonsera (Lincoln)

Avery Hulse (Lincoln)

Adam Herron (Lincoln)

Robert Mathena (Omaha)

Lisa Steiner (Lincoln)

NDOT Delegates (3)

John Heeren (Omaha)*

Tim Miller (Ravenna)

Sean Vilmont (Elkhorn)*

State Agency Delegates (9)

Daniel Buchanan (Corrections, Lincoln)

Jennifer Dreibelbis (Arts Council, Omaha)

Blayne Glissman (Environment & Energy, Lincoln)

Sam Hansen (Environment & Energy, Lincoln)

Anissa Rasmussen (Economic Development, Lincoln)

John Swigart (History Nebraska, Lincoln) 

Elbert Traylor (Environment & Energy, Lincoln)

Vicki Vosler (Game & Parks, Ashland)

Sharon Waters (Game & Parks, Lincoln)

State Colleges Delegates (3)

Kelly Overshiner (Chadron)

Brandon Ziska (Wayne)


Department of Education Delegates (3)

Katherine Knutzen (Columbus)

Rebecca Schademann (Lincoln)


Richardson County Delegates (3)

Bryan Dettman (Falls City)

Randy Gilsdorf (Falls City)


Supervisory Delegates (3)

Bryce Holmes (NDOT, Omaha)

Keith Powell (DHHS, Hastings)

Mary Schwanke (DHHS, Fremont)

At-Large Delegates (9)

Chris Camin (NDOT, Fremont)

Lorrie Daubs (NDOT, Omaha)*

Mike Garrean (NDOT, Omaha)*

Michael Henry (DHHS, Lincoln)

Rachel Kreifels (DHHS, Lincoln)

Jody Riskowski (Corrections, Lincoln)

Erika Robles (Revenue, Lincoln)

Kelly Soderling (DHHS, Fremont)

Mari Waid (DHHS, Scottsbluff)

* – Pending Board Approval

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees