Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Legal Action Filed Over Remote Work Executive Order

On December 7, hundreds of union members took action at the State Capitol as we renewed our demand to bargain with the State of Nebraska over the Governor’s remote work Executive Order. The State responded and declined to negotiate. 

On December 13, we took legal action to ensure the continued efficient operation of state government and to protect all NAPE/AFSCME members’ rights under the law. We filed a petition with the Nebraska Commission of Industrial Relations (CIR) alleging that the State of Nebraska has violated the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act by refusing to negotiate with our union. We have asked the Commission to order the State to negotiate in accordance with the law. A copy of the petition can be viewed here.

Additionally, we have filed a motion with the CIR requesting temporary relief by ordering the State to prohibit the implementation of the Executive Order while our petition is pending. A copy of the motion can be viewed here. A hearing on our motion for temporary relief will be held no later than December 28 in accordance with state law. Depending on the action the CIR takes in the coming days, we may file for an injunction in the District Court of Lancaster County to stop the Executive Order from being implemented while our petition is pending. 

Regardless of whether you are directly affected by the Executive Order or your personal opinions on the value of remote work, this is an important fight for all of our union members. Our founders fought for 15 years from 1972-1987 to win the right to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment through the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act. By refusing to negotiate with us, the State is in violation of the law, and we must defend our rights that we fought so hard to earn.

When we stand in solidarity together we know we can win. If you are not a union member, will this be your call to action to join us? Can we count on you to help protect our rights? Please join us today.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees