Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Union Members Take Action, Renew Demand to Bargain Over Remote Work

Hundreds of union members gathered on December 7 for a day of action and press conference at the State Capitol in Lincoln to share the results of our remote work survey and to renew our demand to bargain over the Governor’s Remote Work Executive Order.  The press conference can be viewed below or on our Facebook page here.

The Governor’s chief negotiator responded to our initial demand to bargain that the Executive Order simply requires state agencies to assign worksites and schedules in accordance with our contract. It’s clear that the Executive Order does much more, and that’s why we have renewed our demand to bargain. You can read the renewed demand here.

We have given a deadline of December 12 for a response to our renewed demand. If our demand to bargain is accepted, we will begin negotiations. If it is rejected, we will take legal action. We will hold two meetings to discuss our next steps and offer practical advice to our members.

An in person meeting open to all will be held in Lincoln on Tuesday, December 12 from 5:30-6:30pm at the Firefighters Union Hall (241 Victory Lane). A virtual meeting open to NAPE/AFSCME members will be held on Wednesday, December 13 from 7-8pm central time. Members may register for the virtual meeting here.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees