Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Government Affairs Committee Evaluates Newly Filed Legislative Bills

The NAPE/AFSCME Government Affairs Committee or “GAC” is a bipartisan committee composed of union members appointed by the NAPE/AFSCME President to monitor pending legislation, advocate on behalf of members, and make endorsement recommendations of political candidates.

The Nebraska Unicameral Legislature convened for its sixty day legislative session on January 3, 2024. During the first ten days of the legislative session, senators introduced over 400 bills to add to more than 600 bills that were filed in the ninety day session last year which carryover. Bill introduction is now concluded for the biennium. 

The GAC met in mid-January to review all bills that affect NAPE/AFSCME members. The GAC uses our legislative platform adopted by union member delegates every two years to guide our positions on bills. Topics of bills not directly addressed by our legislative platform are discussed by the GAC and a vote is taken to determine our position on those bills.

Some new bills that the GAC has taken positions on are as follows:

LB1018 (Senator Holdcroft) – Would prohibit the State of Nebraska from requiring a post-secondary degree for state jobs unless a degree is required by law or federal funding.  (NAPE position: Neutral)

LB1082 (Senator Conrad) – Would require state employee health insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization (IVF) for state employees. (NAPE position: Support)

LB 1139 (Senator M. Cavanaugh) – Would establish a paid family medical leave insurance program for citizens of Nebraska. (NAPE position: Support)

LB1196 (Senator Ballard) – Would allow medication aides to begin passing medication after successful completion of the training course while awaiting licensure from DHHS. (NAPE position: Conditionally Support)

LB1213 (Senator Walz) – Would allow employees to access 20 hours of paid school activity leave each year for parents to attend their child’s school activities. (NAPE position: Support)

LB1240 (Senator Wayne) – Would require state employees testifying before the legislature to use paid leave or be in unpaid status. (NAPE position: Neutral)

LB1365 (Senator McDonnell) – Would allow all active NPERS members access to pre-retirement planning sessions, not only members over age 55. (NAPE position: Support)

LR279CA (Senator Holdcroft) – Would require those convicted of assaulting a DHHS employee and causing serious bodily injury to be sentenced to a minimum 25 year prison sentence and those convicted of murdering a DHHS employee to be sentenced to a mandatory minimum life prison sentence. (NAPE position: Neutral)

Our Government Affairs website will be updated with hearing testimony and updates as they become available. The GAC will interview candidates for the May 2024 primary election for US Congress and Nebraska Legislature in March. Summaries of the candidates will be sent to all members in mid-March.

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