Government Affairs

NAPE 2023-2025 Legislative Priorities

NAPE’s legislative priorities for the 2023-2025 biennium were adopted by delegates to the NAPE Delegate Assembly in August 2023. Our legislative priorities can be viewed here.

Government Affairs Committee

The NAPE/AFSCME Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is a bipartisan committee comprised of members appointed by the NAPE/AFSCME President to monitor pending legislation, advocate on behalf of members, and make endorsement recommendations of political candidates. Current committee members are:

Brian Koch – Labor, Beatrice (Chair)

Brandon Brown – Revenue, Lincoln

Brianne Bushlow – DHHS, Fremont

Daniel Buchanan – Corrections, Lincoln

Michael Henry – DHHS, Lincoln

Avery Hulse – DHHS, Lincoln

Adam Johnson – DHHS, Fremont

Michael King – DHHS, Kearney

Rachel Kreifels – DHHS, Lincoln

Jamie Novacek – DHHS, Center

Anissa Rasmussen – Economic Development, Lincoln

Kris Rossman – DHHS, Scottsbluff

Ashlie Thompson – DHHS, Lincoln

Sharon Waters – Game & Parks, Lincoln

Melissa Haynes – DHHS, Fremont (Ex-officio)

Justin Hubly – Executive Director, Lincoln


NAPE/AFSCME has its own Political Action Committee (PAC) called the NAPE/AFSCME PEOPLE PAC. PEOPLE stands for Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality. The PEOPLE PAC makes donations to candidates, committees, and ballot initiatives that support working families. Funds in the PEOPLE PAC are voluntary donations from union members. Members who do not wish to make a voluntary donation of $4.83 for 2024 can request a refund by sending a letter to NAPE/AFSCME PEOPLE PAC, 1230 O Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508. 2024 refund requests must be postmarked by March 31, 2024.

2023 Legislative Session Recap

As the 2023 legislative session convened on January 3, 2023, the NAPE/AFSCME Government Affairs Committee (GAC) went to work to review newly filed bills, constitution amendments, and other matters that could affect the membership. The GAC uses the NAPE/AFSCME Legislative Platform as a guide to take positions on bills.

At the conclusion of bill filing, the GAC reviewed 78 bills that had a potential to impact our members. The GAC also reviewed six constitutional amendments. The GAC met on January 25, 2023 to finalize positions on bills.

After review, the committee opted to take positions and authorize the Executive Director to testify on behalf of NAPE/AFSCME at hearings on the following bills:

LB 5 (Sen. Carol Blood – Support) – Makes mental injuries suffered in an incident of workplace violence (shooting/hostage situation) compensable under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

LB 43 (Sen. Rita Sanders – Support) – Would require hearing officers and judges to apply a de novo review standard in cases brought under the Administrative Procedures Act, instead of deferring to an agency interpretation of laws and rules.

LB 57 (Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh – Support) – Would create Paid Family Medical Leave allowing for up to 12 weeks of paid FML funded by a payroll tax to create the Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance Fund. 

LB 203 (Sen. Merv Riepe – Oppose) – Would require employees to submit medical records to their employer before being able to file a worker’s compensation claim.

LB 265 (Sen. Tom Brewer – Support) – Would allow DHHS employees to use justified force to defend themselves from serious bodily injury or death. DHHS would not be able to have a work rule prohibiting such action.

LB 272 (Sen. Tony Vargas – Support) – Would make workers’ compensation payments start after three days instead of seven, and if the disability continues for 2 weeks, rather than 6 weeks or longer, compensation will be computed from the date the disability began.

LB 327 (Sen. Jane Raybould – Oppose) – Would change the minimum wage passed by ballot initiative to limit CPI increases to 1.5% beginning on January 1, 2027.

LB 380 (Sen. Danielle Conrad – Support) – Would prohibit discrimination for exercising rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

LB 467 (Sen. Wendy DeBoer – Support) – Would require all employees of the Department of Correctional Services to complete mental health training.

LB 469 (Sen. Kathleen Kauth – Oppose) – Would remove Parole Officers from the C Bargaining Unit and place them in the P Bargaining Unit.

LB 479 (Sen. Justin Wayne – Support) – Would remove Parole Supervision from the Board of Parole and instead create a new agency called the Parole Supervision Agency.

LB 670 (Sen. Megan Hunt – Support) – Would make it illegal to discriminate in employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

LB 814 (Sen. John Arch – Support) – Appropriates funds to fund 2023-2025 labor contracts.

LR2CA (Sen. Robert Dover – Support) – Would amend the constitution to allow State Senators to be elected to three consecutive terms.

To find your State Senator, visit the Nebraska Legislature site where you can search by your home address to locate your senator.