GAC Summary: Congressional District 1

Congressman Mike Flood

Mike Flood declined our invitation for an interview.

Senator Patty Pansing Brooks

GAC members with Senator Patty Pansing Brooks

Senator Patty Pansing Brooks is a fifth generation Lincoln resident, and has served eight years in State Legislature. She states that she wants to find those who want to work together for the American people rather than party in Congress. She states that she has gotten a lot done as a Democrat in Nebraska, but doesn’t intend to vote party lines as her opponent claims. She greatly values Nebraska, calling it a “fabulous little gem.”

Senator Pansing Brooks states that she has most frequently used all of the public services that are integral to her daily life, such as roads, the DMV, and tourism. She further states that, while in the legislature, she learned the value of correctional staff, and states that they’re not often protected well enough. Furthermore, she says that it’s “important to understand how broadly NAPE holds up the state.” Senator Pansing Brooks states that she would like to see healthcare services expanded across the state, as well as additional support for corrections workers, and expansions of education and economic development.

Senator Pansing Brooks states that she will work to ensure public services and programs are fully funded, and states that there need to be further services, such as childcare, to make it possible for workers to work rather than being a parent first.

When asked how federal infrastructure funding should be allocated, Senator Pansing Brooks stated that levies must be addressed in light of recent flooding. She further stated that the State needs to prioritize roads, airports, and broadband. She states that her opponent voted against the infrastructure bill. 

Senator Pansing Brooks opposes the privatization of state services, and states that priority should be given to local contractors. Moreover, Senator Pansing Brooks states that she prefers public programs over public/private partnerships, as public programs allow for more transparency and accountability.

Senator Pansing Brooks supports the right of Nebraska State Employees to unionize, as well as ensuring state employee wages are equal to or greater than inflation. Furthermore, she supports paid parental leave.

In order to fill vacancies and end agency turnover, Senator Pansing Brooks states that becoming a more welcoming state should be Nebraska’s priority. She states that the State must do a better job of getting kids to stay through apprenticeships and mentoring programs. Moreover, she cites a program that she sponsored in which retired veterans return to the state to work. 

When asked what sets her apart from her opponent, Senator Pansing Brooks states that he has voted against every bill in congress, including a bill allowing for an active shooter alert. She is also pro-birth control, and has noticed this issue to be prevalent across party lines.

Senator Pansing Brooks states that she will win the election by working across party lines and avoiding talking in a Democrat and Republican binary. She further states that she will overcome Republicans in her district through face-to-face campaigning and showing her voting record. 

Senator Pansing Brooks emphasizes that she wants to be an ear in congress, and currently has union advisory groups that speak to her about issues.