Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Get Involved in 2022!

2021 was a very successful year for NAPE union members, and we look forward to an even better 2022 – a contract negotiations year. NAPE members must be actively involved in 2022 so we can continue to capitalize on our recent success!

As a result of our efforts, in 2021 NAPE/AFSCME:

  • Continued record membership growth. NAPE membership is at its highest level in over 15 years, with over 1 in 5 state employees now an active member. Our goal is to grow and have 1 in 4 state employees as active members in 2022.
  • Enforced our contract with record success. As of December 1, NAPE filed 79 grievances and enforcement actions on behalf of our members in 2021, and we prevailed in over 70% of cases that have reached conclusion.
  • Recouped over $400,000 in lost wages and benefits for our members through grievances and other enforcement actions. 
  • Trained 125 members to serve as union stewards to increase our presence and leadership at worksites across Nebraska.
  • Fielded over 1,500 requests for information and assistance from state employees.
  • Persuaded a sitting Governor to open our contract for mid-term negotiations for the first time since the State Employees Collective Bargaining Act was passed in 1987.
  • Negotiated a $47 million dollar increase to NAPE covered employee’s salaries and benefits during the mid-term negotiations. This was the single largest increase in Nebraska history.

Our contracts negotiated for fiscal years 2019-2023, contain the largest four consecutive annual salary increases in over a decade. Coupled with the mid-term agreement negotiated in 2021, these are the best contract increases in history. However, this is not enough. From 2009-2019, state employees accepted agreements that kept wages far lower than should be expected. That is why 2021 must be the beginning of a larger fight to demand better wages, benefits, and working conditions!

In 2022, by law, the state must meet and negotiate salaries in all job classifications. It is time for our union members to demand equitable increases in compensation for all employees. To do that, we need you to be active, educated, engaged, and involved in 2022. Not a NAPE member? Join today

NAPE members can get involved in three easy ways. Attend a local meeting near you. By attending local meetings, you will get educated on your rights and our contract. Meetings are also offered virtually by registering on the NAPE website. Become a NAPE steward. By taking a steward training course, not only will you become educated on our contract and the law, but you will be able to assist other employees. Finally, consider running to be a delegate to our biennial bargaining conference, which will be held in Lincoln July 15-17. More information on the bargaining conference will be shared with members in March.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees