Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Dept. of Education Members Negotiate Historic Wage Increase

In July, NAPE members at the Nebraska Department of Education will see the largest annual salary increase in over 25 years. Thanks to the efforts of our NAPE negotiating team, led by member Deb Romanek (Lincoln), and lobbying efforts during the legislative session, the Department of Education agreed to enter into mid-term negotiations for additional salary increases to take effect July 4, 2022 after NAPE successfully lobbied the legislature for additional funding.

On top of the previously negotiated 2% salary increase for NDE employees, NAPE covered employees will see an additional 2% on top of that increase, which equates to slightly more than a 4% salary increase this July. 

NAPE will enter negotiations again in September for a 2023-2025 labor contract. Now is the time for NDE members to get involved to voice their opinions on what should be included in our next contract. Attend a town hall meeting near you in May. Not a NAPE member? Join us today as we work to ensure an even better contract this summer.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees