Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Contract Negotiations Begin

Following months of planning and preparations, negotiations for our new labor contract begin in September. Thousands of NAPE/AFSCME members had their voice heard by attending town hall meetings, worksite meetings, and participating in our webinars and surveys to express what was most important to them to be included in our next labor contract.

Union members elected by their fellow members as delegates to our biennial bargaining conference discussed, debated, and voted to prioritize ideas from the membership and elect our negotiations team. Now it’s time for state employees to unite behind our bargaining team and fight for better wages and working conditions! 

Our top priority is negotiating wage increases that exceed the rate of inflation, while recognizing experience and positive performance. For far too long, state employees have accepted salary offers that did not keep pace with inflation or the open market. From 2011-2020, the average annual salary increase for state employees was just 1.74% per year. Union members must stand together to demand a fair wage increase.

Other top priorities for contract negotiations are paid parental leave, greater cash payout for sick leave, early retirement insurance incentives, access to remote work opportunities, bilingual premium pay, and more. Click here for a handout with additional information.

If you are not currently a NAPE/AFSCME member, and these priorities are important to you, please become a member today and stand with us and add your voice to our growing membership.

A union is a group of workers that promotes and protects the welfare and rights of its members primarily through contract negotiations. We are only as strong as our membership. When employees don’t join their union, they voice to management that they are willing to accept whatever is given and weaken our overall bargaining position. We need you as a member in order to be successful.  

Be sure to keep an eye on your email for contract negotiations updates. Not on our email list? Click here to add your address. Stay engaged by attending NAPE/AFSCME meetings in person or online throughout the fall for updates on contract negotiations. Don’t forget, when the negotiations team reaches a tentative agreement, union members must vote to accept the agreement by voting by secret ballot to ratify the contract. Only members have the right to vote to accept or reject the contract. 

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees