Nebraska Association
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New Board of Directors Sworn In At First Meeting of the New Term

On June 10, twenty board members were sworn in for the 2023-2025 term on the NAPE/AFSCME Board of Directors. Union members elected these Board members during elections this spring. Additionally, two new officers were sworn in. Ashlie Thompson (DHHS, Lincoln) will complete the unexpired term of Diane Laffin (History Nebraska, Lincoln) as Secretary, and Brandon Brown (Revenue, Lincoln) will complete the unexpired term as Sergeant-at-Arms. The unexpired term will end on August 27.

In additional business, the Board heard reports from a number of committees. The Membership Committee reported that union membership has continued to grow, and our membership has grown more than 150% in four years, and our union has seen net growth every month since April 2021.

The Membership Rights Committee reported on various legal cases and grievances filed on behalf of union members. The Committee also reported that NAPE/AFSCME prevailed on in over 94% of the 116 grievances filed on behalf of members in 2022.

In advance of the 2023 Biennial Delegate Assembly, the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee presented suggested bylaw amendments to be considered for action by the delegates in August. These changes include language regarding the certification of stewards, electronic elections, the election and appointment of the negotiations team, and mid-term bargaining authority. The Committee also recommended keeping the dues rate at 1.25% of salary, however raising the maximum dues cap by $6.25. The Board unanimously voted to send the recommended changes to the delegates. 

The Board reviewed our Strategic Plan and Legislative Platform and offered minor recommendations for changes to be considered by the delegates in August. 

The Board heard a report regarding our first ever statewide organizing blitz, which will take place from July 17-26. 35 union members who have been trained as Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs) will travel across the state to visit more than 40 worksites to talk with employees who have not yet become union members about the importance of a strong union and why they should become a NAPE/AFSCME union member. 

As required by our bylaws, the Board took action to approve a budget for the 2024 fiscal year. The bylaws require the Board to approve a budget prior to the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1. NAPE/AFSCME Treasurer Jay Jensen (NDOT, Omaha) and Executive Director Justin Hubly presented a balanced budget for consideration by the board for the fifth consecutive year. The budget prioritized organizing, member representation, legal services, and communications in accordance with our strategic plan. The budget was approved unanimously, and NAPE/AFSCME’s financial position continues to be strong.

The next Board of Directors meeting will take place on Friday, August 25 at 3 pm at NAPE/AFSCME Headquarters in Lincoln. All union members are welcome to attend Board of Directors meetings as observers. 

Nebraska Association of
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