Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Union Prepares to Bargain Over Remote Work, Surveys Members

In response to Executive Order 23-17, our union has taken the first step to protect our members’ ability to continue working remotely, where appropriate, in order to efficiently and effectively deliver vital state services to our fellow Nebraskans. 

Article 1.4 of our union contract guarantees that the State must negotiate with our union over mandatory subjects of bargaining that are not included in the contract – such as the terms and conditions of remote work. Our contract further guarantees that the State will not implement changes without a “compelling need.” Article 1.4 is enforceable through the courts if necessary. 

On November 27, 2023 we sent a “demand to bargain” regarding remote work to the Governor’s chief negotiator. We have given a deadline of December 12 for a response. We will update our members as more information becomes available. A copy of the demand can be read here.

As we prepare to negotiate, NAPE/AFSCME invites all state employees to complete a survey regarding remote work assignments. The data collected will allow us to most meaningfully represent our members at the bargaining table.

A union is a group of employees who unite together to protect each other’s interests, primarily through contract negotiations. These negotiations will be about more than just us. It will be about making sure Nebraskans receive vital state services in the most efficient and effective way possible. If you are not a member, will you join us today and stand with us?

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees