Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Union Members Stand Together at Hearing

On December 21, 2023, the Nebraska Commission on Industrial Relations (CIR) held a hearing on our union’s motion for temporary relief to stop the implementation of Executive Order 23-17 while our Prohibited Practice Petition is pending before the Commission. 

NAPE/AFSCME members filled the hearing room from wall to wall to hear the arguments. Our union asserted that we should be granted temporary relief while our petition is pending — guidance made clear in state law, which states that changes in employment status, wages, or terms and conditions of employment must not be implemented while the petition is still pending.

The State of Nebraska argued that granting temporary relief would be extraordinary because the constitution grants the Governor the authority to manage the state’s operations and that management has the right to assign the worksite.

The CIR asked both parties to submit written briefs on whether state law prohibits the state from unilaterally implementing changes while the petition is pending. These briefs will be submitted to the CIR on December 27 and considered alongside the arguments presented at hearing. The CIR expects to make a decision shortly thereafter.

Even if remote work does not affect you in any way, it is crucial we stand together to protect our legal rights. We fought hard to win the right to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment, and when a group of union members may be harmed, we unite together to protect all of our rights. If you are not a union member, will you stand up for your rights and join us today?

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees