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Library Commission Member Puts Books in the Hands of Nebraskans

Meet NAPE/AFSCME Member Mackenzie Marrow, a Library Technician for the Nebraska Library Commission. Mackenzie is responsible for providing books and resources to book clubs across Nebraska.

Any accredited public library in Nebraska that provides books for local book clubs can request copies in bulk, which Mackenzie ships to them along with resources that might help them meaningfully discuss what they’re reading.

On top of ensuring that books and resources get shipped across the state, Mackenzie also writes a Book Club Spotlight for the Commission’s blog. These blog posts are valuable resources for people who are looking for book recommendations, want more information on a book, or are looking for books, movies, or art that explore the themes, topics, and genres they’re interested in.

“My goal is to make a resource that’s accessible to everyone,” they said. “It also allows me to highlight diverse voices.”

Small libraries across the state can’t usually store multiple copies of the same books, so this free service saves libraries both storage space and purchasing costs. The work Mackenzie does provides books to a wide array of book clubs — like one organized by coworkers at a physical therapy office, local schools, and even one at the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

“This is the perfect job for me. Everyone I work with is lovely and I enjoy that I get to spend time with the titles we send out and get to know the stories. It makes it easier to give recommendations and provide resources,” they said. “I get a lot of satisfaction out of putting these books in people’s hands and giving them recommendations to go along with it.”

Anyone can start a book club and get access to titles via their local library. If their library doesn’t have enough copies of the title, Mackenzie will make sure the club gets what they need.

Mackenzie has always been a strong proponent of unions. In fact, during their interview, Mackenzie asked if this was a union job.

“Unions are the reason we can sit here today and have a good balance between work and our personal lives,” they said.

Our NAPE/AFSCME union members provide essential services to Nebraskans every day. Mackenzie’s valuable contribution to public service comes in the form of books and access to resources and information. Whether you’re an avid reader or someone who wants to start reading more, be sure to check out Mackenzie’s Book Club Spotlight for recommendations and insights.

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