Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

3,000 Strong: Our Union’s Plan for 2024

As we welcome the new year, NAPE/AFSCME union members are more determined than ever to reach our goals. 2024 is a contract negotiations year, and we’re preparing to reach record high union membership in order to be even stronger at the negotiations table.

At our 2023 Delegate Assembly, member-elected delegates set our priority to become 3,000 Strong before contract negotiations begin this fall. We’re on the path to accomplishing our goal, and we will continue to grow throughout our campaign.  Here’s what union members can expect in 2024. 

Late Winter/Early Spring

  • Local Area Meetings – “How to Get a Pay Raise” – Join us at evening meetings across the state to learn about the negotiations process and how it enables us to secure pay raises and improve working conditions.
  • 3,000 Strong: United Together for Lunch – Our NAPE/AFSCME Union Representatives will visit worksites all across Nebraska to host a 30-minute lunch meeting. Members and non-members are invited to attend and learn more about our contract campaign and how to get involved to help win the best contract. 
  • Bargaining Conference Delegate Nominations – Union members will nominate fellow members to serve as delegates to our bargaining conference. Delegates will vote on our negotiations priorities and elect our negotiations team.

Late Spring/Early Summer

  • Town Hall Meetings – “Your Contract, Your Voice” – Our NAPE/AFSCME Union Representatives will host evening town hall meetings across the state where members can advocate for their negotiation priorities.
  • Worksite Town Halls – We will be visiting various worksites around the state and host meetings where state employees can share your negotiation priorities. 
  • Bargaining Conference Elections – Union members will vote to elect their bargaining conference delegates. In accordance with bylaw changes, the election will be conducted electronically.


  • Survey: Members Share Contract Negotiation Priorities – Our union members will be invited to share what they want our negotiations team to prioritize through an electronic survey.
  • Bargaining Conference: Union members elected by their peers as delegates will meet to discuss, debate, and adopt our priorities for contract negotiations. During this process, delegates will consider the priorities that members shared during town halls and through the electronic survey. The delegates will also elect eight union members to serve on our negotiations team.


  • NAPE/AFSCME Organizing Blitz – Like our July 2023 Organizing Blitz, NAPE/AFSCME union members who are Volunteer Member Organizers (VMOs) will visit the homes and worksites of State of Nebraska employees to discuss our upcoming contract negotiations and listen to their workplace concerns. If you’re interested in becoming a VMO, contact us for information about the training process.
  • Contract Negotiations Kickoff  – In accordance with state law, contract negotiations begin the second Wednesday of September. Union members will hold a kickoff rally on centennial mall in Lincoln to send our negotiations team to the table in style.


  • Negotiations – Our member-elected bargaining team will meet with the governor’s team to begin negotiating our 2025-2027 union contract. The statutory deadline for negotiations to be completed is December 31, 2024.

If you are not yet a union member, we hope that you will join us and become part of the 3,000 Strong!

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees