Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Why I Joined My Union!

Breanna Hemphill is a Child/Family Services Specialist and is a member of our union. Union members just negotiated record pay increases for state employees, and she wants to encourage you to become a union member today.  

Breanna joined NAPE/AFSCME because she heard people in the office talking about the benefits of being part of the union. At the time there was a lot of stuff going on that was uncertain and scary. Employees were pulled into a meeting one day and told that they would no longer be able to transfer cases to the ongoing workers because of the mess at St. Francis Ministries. It was chaotic and Breanna wanted support going into the unknown. She looked into the union and was impressed with all the benefits there are of being a union member.

As a Child/Family Services Specialist, Breanna has had the opportunity to make so many connections. CFS Specialists work with non-profits, community agencies, law enforcement, judges, and more. Thanks to our union, pay has gone up over 20% in the last year, and will go up another 10% this year. Union members have been fighting for fair wages and better benefits!

Breanna has also watched our union give us all a voice in the workplace. We’ve helped our CFS members avoid discipline, fight wrongful termination, challenge improper probation extensions, and led the fight to end CFS outsourcing in Nebraska. If you are not yet a union member, Breanna hopes you will join NAPE/AFSCME to strengthen our voice on the job and to protect yourself and others from unfair practices. 

Breanna is very proud to be a NAPE/AFSCME member. As a part of the union, she knows someone always has her back. She urges you to join and stand with us as we demand fair treatment and respect on the job. 

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees