What if it isn’t safe to get to work?

As long as state government is open, employees are expected to report to work. Each agency has a serve weather policy, and you should consult that policy when making decisions. Agencies are advised by DAS Employee Relations to be as flexible as possible regarding severe weather. If you do not feel safe driving or otherwise reporting to work, you should alert your supervisor immediately. 

Employees can use vacation or comp time in the event of severe weather. If your supervisor denies a request to use vacation or comp time, please contact your steward or the NAPE office. Employees cannot use sick leave for severe weather. 

Employees can also elect to be placed in “leave without pay status” during a weather event. You should not be disciplined for electing this option, even if you are out of vacation/comp time. If you are forced to relocate to another work location during a severe weather event, and you do not feel safe, it is best to be placed in “leave without pay status” and attempt to get reimbursed for lost time. If you use vacation time in this instance, there is no way to get it back. NAPE recently litigated a grievance and lost on this issue, and that’s why we recommend taking leave without pay if you are forced to relocate during a weather emergency.