Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

Contract Negotiations Survey

Our union is actively preparing for contract negotiations with the State of Nebraska that will begin this summer. More than 500 state employees have attended town hall meetings and worksite visits in the last six weeks to express what they want to see in our next labor contract. There are still a few town hall meetings remaining before the end of May. Now it’s time to add your voice. Please click here to take our contract negotiations survey and provide your input. The survey should take about ten minutes to complete.

In the past year, 800 state employees have become new NAPE members, and we have grown to our highest level of membership in over seventeen years. It is important that we use our collective power and negotiate the best contract ever this summer. With rampant inflation and a state budget surplus, it’s time for state employees to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. If you are not yet a NAPE member, please join us today and stand with us for a stronger contract.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees