Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

DMV Union Members Demand to Bargain Over Wages

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) continues to struggle to attract and retain Motor Vehicle Examiners. Currently, the Driver Licensing Offices in fourteen counties are either closed or operating on reduced hours because of staffing shortages. Other locations throughout the state have long waits due to staffing shortages. Over 90,000 Nebraskans live in counties affected by DMV office closures.  

DMV Examiners are underpaid and that’s why DMV offices are critically understaffed. Our union is taking direct action to improve wages and working conditions for NAPE/AFSCME members at the DMV and to ensure the public receives prompt and efficient service at the DMV.

With office closures across the state, long waits, and short staffing, it is clear that we need higher wages now. That’s why NAPE/AFSCME sent the State of Nebraska a demand to bargain. This can’t wait until regular contract negotiations in September 2024.

In January 2020, the starting wage for a DMV Examiner was $15.33. We have made substantial progress through contract negotiations to secure higher wages up to the current starting wage of $18.61. Even still, we know that we can do better.

To win at the bargaining table and to secure higher wages, we need to send a clear message that DMV Examiners deserve meaningful wage increases to attract and retain quality public servants. With DMV Examiners standing together as union members, we can win. If you’re not yet a member of our union, join us today in the push for better wages.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees