Nebraska Association
of Public Employees

NAPE/AFSCME Advocates for NDOT Worker Safety at Kearney Press Conference

After a hard day of work, all Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) employees have a right to return home safely to their families. Tragically, two of our NDOT coworkers recently lost their lives in the line of duty in service to their fellow Nebraskans. These deaths were completely preventable, which is why our union will continue to advocate for increased safety on Nebraska highways.

At a November press conference in Kearney, NAPE/AFSCME Executive Director Justin Hubly called on members of the public to help protect our union members by slowing down, moving over, putting down cell phones, and heightening awareness when workers are present.

Our NDOT members provide essential services to Nebraskans by ensuring roads and highways are safe for members of the public in all weather conditions. With holiday travel and winter weather fast approaching, NAPE/AFSCME members know it’s more important than ever to ensure our members are safe at work .

If you’re not yet a member of our union, join us today, stand with us, and help spread awareness about how we can help keep each other and our NDOT employees safe.

Nebraska Association of
Public Employees